About us

A short time ago in a reality not so far away…

At Just South Of Reality (JSOR) our goal is to specialize in comical and clever t-shirt designs that no one else quite has to offer. We aim to have designs appropriate to any and all kinds of fans and geeks whether you are looking for droids, fake doors or possibly butter beer. Don’t  worry, we are also not afraid to help weigh in on the political spectrum, so if you are left, right, or sober and we haven’t offended you in some fashion (pun intended) then we clearly haven’t been doing our jobs.

If you have a suggestion then send us your idea for an insanely funny or clever design. If we like it then we will notify you and add it to our T-shirt portfolio! As a reward, we’ll include your name somewhere in the shirt description and send you a free shirt!. The world will be wearing your personally designed and authored tee. How cool is that?